Ciara Says

Ciara Says

The real issue is being healthy and the focus should not be entirely on Tanya’s weight. Girls of varying weights can be healthy, be it a skinny girl or a heavier girl.

Girls should focus more on being healthy — exercising and nutrition — than being consumed by their actual weight on the scale. If exercise and nutrition become a part of a girl’s lifestyle, she will reap the benefits of fueling a healthy body and she can lose some weight as well. Friends who are supportive of their friends losing weight can use positive reinforcement in her friend’s journey to losing weight by:
1) eating healthy with her friend
2) participating in fun active activities with her friend like roller blading, swimming or dancing
3) most of all use positive reinforcement and encouragement with her friend to support her through her weight loss.

Weight and body image are delicate issues because our society places great value on them. At times, society places more emphasizes on girls’ and women’s bodies than their brains as important. Therefore as young girls, who grow into women, can lose sight in the importance of eating and living healthy versus being absorbed with weight and body image. There are some basic healthy eating habits that girls can try like eating fruits and vegetables, grains, low-fat or fat-free versions of dairy products, skinless meats and fish, and unsaturated fats.

A great place to start is visiting the website, Here girls can learn what types of food make up each food group. This website also explains what portion sizes are, benefits of eating the food groups, and tips to help you make sure you’re eating foods from the different groups.

It is important to remember that girls your age should be involved in some form of extracurricular activity to keep you active; learn portion control with meals that contain more fruits and veggies than meats and bread; and be sure to eat breakfast, which cuts down on overeating at lunch time, and to stop eating when your stomach is full.

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