FUN FOODS: Snacks that won't weigh you down

FUN FOODS: Snacks that won’t weigh you down

By Melissa Douglas

All seasons provide the perfect time for healthy snacks because the fruit and veggie options are endless. Stay away from sugary snacks, cakes, and soda. Instead, try some of the following:

•Fruit smoothies – try blending your favorite fruits, and don’t forget the ice!
•Watermelon – a classic!
•Fruit parfait – top a plain yogurt with granola, fruit and honey
•Cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and cucumbers with a little oil and vinegar
•Baby Carrots with hummus
•Peanut butter with celery stalks or apple slices

Additionally, one thing you must remember is when the body is dehydrated or near dehydration, water is a priority. Not drinking water can be dangerous and also lead to more eating. We sometimes eat, when we’re in fact in need of fluid.

So remember to drink plenty of water and enjoy healthy snacks of the season.