Good Choices: Tips to making good decisions

Good Choices: Tips to making good decisions

By SGZ Staff
At this stage in life, teens have so many decisions to make, from having to get a part-time job to considering drugs to even thinking of having sex for the first time. Making good, sound and solid decisions is a skill teens need to learn to do well because the choices they make are crucial to the directions they choose in life.
Sometimes it can be hard to make the right decision, or to do the right thing. In that case, here are some pointers on how to make a good choice.

Think before you do – Regardless of the situation, thinking about the end result of your decision will ultimately help you make the right choice. Some decisions carry severe consequences, so thinking about what you are doing beforehand could keep you from ending up in trouble.

Avoid rash decisions – Don’t let your emotions rule your decisions. Sometimes you cannot take back the end result of the decisions you make, so take some time to calm down before executing your decision. It might be a good idea to talk your decision over with a friend to get their opinion.

Trust your gut – Don’t stress about the small things – such as “Which movie should I go see?” or “Do these shoes go with this blouse?” Know what decisions are important enough to think about and think that decision through. But remember, trust yourself and your instincts because the decision you make sometimes influences others, but affects you the most.

So make your own decisions. It’s OK to know someone’s opinion, but in the end, the decision is yours. Always consider the good and the bad about the decisions you make. It’s OK to make the wrong decision sometimes, so don’t get too upset about it. Learn from it and grow.

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