Grad Gear – a look to what’s under the gown

Grad Gear – a look to what’s under the gown

By SGZ Staff
Graduation in its own right is a milestone, a big step, filled with a commencement ceremony – basically showing all friends and family you made it – photos and a hat toss at the end of it all. But after the ceremony, it’s all fun – either attending a function with family or friends, or both. So needless to say what you wear under your gown is important.
But if you’re not sure just what to do, here are a few fashion forward tips to help you stand out once the graduation gown is off.

Be mindful of colors – Some gowns are thin and bold colors, like red, can show through. Choose colors that are similar to the color of your gown. This may be a good time to invest in that perfect black – or white – dress; both are good go-to choices for ceremonial events.

Be breezy – If graduation is outside, make sure you wear breathable fabrics, such as cotton. If your graduation is inside, wear something that has a sleeve – no longer than ¾ length, just in case the air is on blast and you get cold easily. Also, look for pieces that do not wrinkle easily. The outfit doesn’t have to be stiff, but it shouldn’t look like it went straight from the dryer to your body either.

Be comfortable – Make sure that any outfit you choose is comfortable for you. While you want to look classy, you still want to represent the best you. That even means your shoes. If the ceremony is outside, opt for a flat or a kitten heel. High heels don’t mix well with outside elements such as dirt and grass. Additionally, make sure whatever shoe you choose is comfortable enough to be in for more than eight hours.

Remember, just because your outfit is hidden underneath a robe, doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. Make sure to check the weather to plan out your outfit accordingly. Be mindful of your color choices and be sure to wear something comfortable and flattering – something that does not add extra volume. And above all, keep your look classic.