Hair dos for grad caps

Hair dos for grad caps

By Monica High-Augburn
All right NOW! It’s graduation time!! I’m sure you have your beautiful dress already, but wait, do you know what kind of hairstyle to rock on your special day? Well, don’t worry because I have three simple ways to do your hair so it can look great up under your graduation cap.

1. The Wrap: You will need a wide-tooth comb, brush, scarf and bobby pins depending on the length of your hair
•Start with a side part in the front
•Use the wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, being gentle with the ends
•Use the brush, smooth the larger section down, around your head, and bobby pin it behind your ear
•Part a vertical section in the smaller section and wrap it toward the front of your head, up and around, pinning it down as close to the same ear as possible
•Continue adding sections and pinning them down until you have one section left
•Wrap the last section up and around, first bobby pinning near the opposite ear, then wrapping and pinning the ends close to the first ear
•Add bobby pins as necessary but don’t overdo it
•Cover your hair with a scarf of your choice
•Awaken, remove bobby pins, use wide-tooth comb to comb down hair. Add a part and style as desired.

2. Side ponytail with curls: You will need to make a ponytail all the way in the back of your head and to the side. You can just simply curl your ponytail using a flat iron or curling wand. Use a little bit of Jam or gel to smooth your edges down.

3. A Short Do: If your hair is currently short, then honey you need to make sure your earrings are looking quite gorgeous to complete the perfect look!

As always, I hope this helps!