Let's get Academic!

Let’s get Academic!

Hey seniors, listen up!
Fact: Your ACT and SAT scores should already be calculated and at your college or university of choice. But if you are looking to boost those scores, retake the test. There are alternate options for submitting SAT scores — some let you pick the best score or you can average all the results. However, not every college’s policy is the same, so check with each institution on their policy for resubmitting your scores.
For those rising seniors out there, if you want to get a head start on improving your ACT and SAT scores, take it now so you know where you stand. This way you can take all the necessary steps to ensure that your scores are the best they can be when you take the tests in the fall.

Don’t forget to register!
ACT Test – April 12. Register by March 7.
SAT Test – May 3. Register by April 4.

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