What Are You About?

What Are You About?

During my four yeas at Bennett College for Women my Bennett Sisters and I would often joke and ask one another “What Are You About?” We would say this to each other if we did not agree with what someone was wearing, what they said or how they behaved. We truly wanted a clear understanding of each other’s thought process. Looking back it seems as if this question was our polite way of holding each other accountable.

I wanted to make sure that during the development phase of SOCIALgrlz, I shared what we are about. SOCIALgrlz is a mobile Web publishing company designed for girls of color 13 to 17 years old. My team consists of individuals who are dedicated to changing the image and perception of African-American girls through modern technology. Some might ask why? Well, we realized that if we did not step up to the plate and address these issues, girls who look like me and have similar backgrounds would be overlooked and completely ignored in the mobile Web industry.

To answer the question: We are a needed service that provides interconnectivity driven through feedback – all through modern technology. We are a resource that girls and parents can depend on, and we are a safe space where our girls can truly address the social, education, beauty, finance and relationship issues they face. We want to meet the girl in the palm of her hand. We want to be the place – and the safe space – our girls can truly turn to if they have no one else to chat with.

Today we launched a crowd-source funding campaign to assist in the development stages of the mobile application. 2 Cents 4 SOCIALgrlz is a specially designed campaign where you can yes, Add YOUR TWO CENTS! You can provide insight as to what you think is valuable to the site and mobile application or you can financially give to our development fund. Either way we want you to Add Your Two Cents because this is not just my idea, this is your app!

Check out Indiegogo to view our video and the cool gifts you can get if you donate to our campaign.

Remember that as we continue to spread the word about the FIRST MOBILE APPLICATION for girls of COLOR we are constantly asking each other: WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT? Sometimes, you won’t have the answer but realize that you must start with a simple question.

Please tell your friends and family about “2 Cents 4 SOCIALgrlz” and ask yourself and others WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT?