Preparation 101: Tips to landing the job

Preparation 101: Tips to landing the job

By Cathy Green-Miner
Now that school is out, a lot of teenagers soon will be looking for that perfect summer job, or at least that summer job that will help line their pockets and keep them out of their parents’.
Job interviews can be nerve racking, and sometimes teens make mistakes that affect their chances of landing the job. So let’s get ready before you step into it:

Research the company and make sure you are interested in the job for which you are applying.

Practice your handshake – a firm handshake is an indicator of confidence.

Dress appropriately. A pressed skirt and blouse or pant suit work well for interviews even if you are applying for a fast-food job! Your professionalism will gain you instant respect from the person interviewing you.

Be prepared to ask and answer questions using proper English; for instance:

Interviewer: How did you handle a problem on your previous job or in school, and what were the results?

Answer: On my previous job, there was an employee who was very rude to me every morning. A few days later, I spoke to him in the break room about it. He told me his mom was in the hospital and he was worried about her. He apologized for being rude. We got along fine afterwards. I am solutions focused and will work out my problems until I find that I need my manager’s assistance.

Ask Questions. Consider these: What will my responsibilities include? Are the hours flexible? Is there a uniform I need to purchase? Etc.

Be before time! If you are not 15 minutes early for the interview, you’re late. Time management is another indicator of professionalism. Continue being before time after landing the job.

Good luck!