Prom Picture Ready

Prom Picture Ready

By Monica High-Augburn
Prom season is here and you know what that means… Beyoncé better watch out because you are about to be more glamorous than ever! If your mom is like my mom, this may be the first time you can wear all the makeup you want. FINALLY!!! But wait. … Before you even think about putting on makeup, check out a few of my tips.

Prom Tip 1: Pick one bold feature (eyes or lips). If you decide to do a smoky or colorful eye-shadow look, then you should do a soft, barely-there color on your lips. If you are going to wear a bold lip color such as red, violet or magenta, then wear a soft gold, or soft iridescent color on the eye.

Prom Tip 2: Prom means lots and lots of pictures. Make sure your foundation is “high-definition” or “photo-ready.” Also, avoid any illuminating bronzers. Bronzers are gorgeous and glowy, but they do not photograph well. You don’t want to look like a tin-man in your prom pics that cost a fortune.

Prom Tip 3: It’s OK to match your eye shadow with your dress. But be unique and also think about which contrasting colors would look great. Example: If you are wearing a purple dress, then rock a bold emerald green eye shadow. If you are wearing a pink dress, then rock blue on the eyes.

Prom Tip 4: Bring your lipstick/gloss with you for touch-ups. If your skin is very oily, bring some oil blotting papers. Oil blotting paper won’t mess up your makeup, I promise!!

Prom Tip 5: Be CONFIDENT!!! If you feel like your makeup is too much for you to handle, don’t be afraid to tell your makeup artist to tone it down. If you are doing it yourself, then just use a makeup remover wipe and start over. For some of you this may be the first time you are wearing this much makeup, but remember if you are not comfortable, you can change it.