Got Self-Confidence?

Got Self-Confidence?

Provided By Girls

Self-confidence is a little different from self-esteem. Self-confidence is having a positive and realistic opinion of yourself and being able to accurately measure your abilities.

Self-confidence is also an important part of feeling good about yourself. Self-confidence is that little voice inside of you that tells you that you are okay, that you are a good person, and that you know how to deal with things in good times and in bad.

Confidence can develop as you grow up. As a baby, you started to learn self-confidence from knowing your family loved you. As you learned to walk, play, and talk you also learned self-confidence. Now as a young woman, you are learning to be more self-confident in school, playing sports, and in other social settings. Sometimes this is hard. Participating in class, talking to new teachers or students, or trying out for an after-school activity may make you feel stressed or anxious. That is normal!

The good news is, as you try new things, you gain confidence in spite of your fears. In fact, that is what real self-confidence is — your belief that you can do things well even when you have doubts.