Talking Points 101: Mothers and Daughters

Talking Points 101: Mothers and Daughters

By Cathy Green-Miner
While Mother’s Day has past, it’s never too late to show mom how much you care, or make improvements to enhance your connection and reduce clashes.

Much like any relationship, the relationship between mother and daughter is filled with ups and downs – and is complex at best. Some mothers and daughters are best friends – talking through everything – while others spar constantly.

But remember, no matter how varied the relationship, you are a gift to your mother! So here are five tips to maintaining a healthy relationship with your mom.

A happy mom is a happy home! Be obedient and honor your mom – you’ll live a long, prosperous life.

Always be honest with your mother. Honesty brings respect and builds character.

Communicate daily with your mother. – Telling her how you feel, what’s happening with you and your friends, what you are doing and what you hope for. Your mother will appreciate the closeness.

Be generous with your time. Do things for your mother as she does for you. Help lighten her load by doing chores or assignments before she asks.

Have fun with mom! You’re never too old to have a tea party or to paint each other’s nails. Watch funny movies and play cards. Always find humor in life – you only live once!