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Do you have a desire to improve the lives of African American girls? Well, SOCIALgrlz is the place to do just that.

SOCIALgrlz, LLC is a mobile, web and publishing service company dedicated to improving the quality of life for African-American girls ages 13-17. The first company of its kind, SOCIALgrlz, LLC is supported by four platforms which include: Be Heard!; SOCIALgrlz Textbook; SOCIALgrlz Bookshelf; and Odessa’s Wisdom. These platforms provide African-American girls with opportunities to improve their self-esteem, engage each other, and gain knowledge from women who have great insight and life experience through the use of modern technology.

As an expert, your participation will be a critical piece to the SOCIALgrlz Textbook, which covers six specific topics – Lifestyles, Health & Wellness, Finance, Education, Leadership and Building Relationships. The book is designed to give girls a safe place to speak about topics important to them and receive advice about those topics. We are looking for individuals with expertise in the six topics listed to give generalized advice. If interested, fill out the form below. Once finished, please send completed application to






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