Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOCIALgrlz?
SOCIALgrlz LLC is a social community designed for African-American girls between the ages of 13-17.

Why should I join SOCIALgrlz social community?
SOCIALgrlz is the premier social community and mobile application that is designed specifically for African-American girls. It is unique because of its ability to target the needs of the untapped niche market it was designed for –African-American girls, tweens and teens.
The mobile application allows users to utilize cellphones to engage and interact with others in a setting similar to a social media network. Additionally, the website will give its members the benefit of guidance and advice from professionals in self-esteem, social and educational topics and fashion.

What are the benefits of joining SOCIALgrlz LLC?
African-American girls will have a safe community to discuss topics of interest to them by gaining access to advice, interviews and video from experts in the fields of health, beauty, education and other pertinent areas. Through a multimedia platform, teens and tweens will become well versed in the latest news and trends relevant to their lives.

SOCIALgrlz participants also will have the opportunity to contribute to the SOCIALgrlz TXTBook, a virtual textbook that will highlight direct issues affecting their daily lives.