Fashion Forecast 2013: Dare to be Different

Fashion Forecast 2013: Dare to be Different

By Shannan Cieara
Fashion trends exploded in 2012 with colored jeans, color blocking, and high-waist skirts and pants. However, the New Year has arrived, and it is again time to look at what fashions will be trending.
This year is all about daring to be different – going against the grain and making what used to be trendless trendy: wearing white pieces after Labor Day, pairing black and blue together or mixing and matching patterns and prints. Who said there was a law against wearing your favorite blue top with your favorite pair of black skinny jeans or that you couldn’t mix stripes and polka dots?

Here are a few must-haves tweens and teens should have in their closets:

Lace – This delicate and girly trend can be paired with just about anything. Lace tops are great to pair with a structured blazer – a classic piece that never seems to go out of style. Look for pieces that use lace detailing, such as skirts, pants and coats.
Skinny dark denim jeans – A trend each season, denim is a necessary addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Denim can be paired with a structured jacket, a cute blouse with ruffle detail – also a must for 2013 – or a plain black or white tee. Add accessories to finish the look.
Flats – I know it seemed like everyone wore a flat in 2012. Well, it has carried over. Flats are great to pair with skirts, pants, dresses and jeans. How could you go wrong? Also going into spring and summer, you could see the comeback of wide-strap sandals.

Also forecasted in 2013 are sequin and glittery pieces. Whether it’s a full sequined pair of pants or a partially glitter top, if it shimmers and shines it’s definitely in.

Included in this year’s trends is a girl’s often overlooked accessory – her nails. Bold, textured and 3D nails are a girl’s best accessory for self expression. Bold colors accompanied with designs that include rhinestones and 3D ice cream cones will definitely help a girl stand out.