Fashionable Ways of Sprucing Up Your School Supplies

Fashionable Ways of Sprucing Up Your School Supplies

By Shannan Cieara
While it’s 2013, and notebooks are being replaced by iPads or tablets and hardback textbooks are being faded out, technology hasn’t taken over yet. Teens are still required to carry a one-inch binder with college-ruled loose leaf paper, and a backpack to carry all their supplies in.
Although carrying a book bag or a plain vinyl notebook might not coordinate very well with your newly styled and accessorized uniform, there is a way to make supplies just as unique and fashionable.

Using fabric paints to create unique designs is a great way to jazz up a dull book bag. Adding rhinestones and different pieces of fabric will also enhance the design. Buttons and patches that tout a favorite brand, artist or sayings are another great way to add a bit of flare, as well. Clustering them together by putting larger buttons or patches with smaller ones will give your book bag a fuller look.

As with backpacks, notebooks can be customized to express individuality. Adding stickers, either purchased or homemade, can bring a boring vinyl notebook to life. Making stickers is totally easy. Just visit a local craft store and purchase an adhesive paper stock, a pair of scissors and markers. And who says buttons should be limited to fabric? Vinyl can wear buttons, too. Simply choose a secure space on the notebook to place a button or two. 

Textbooks can be made fashionable, as well. Each school year, students are issued textbooks with the disclaimer “You break you buy”. Well, there is certainly a way to protect textbooks. Use paper shopping bags that publicize a favorite store, like American Apparel or Hollister, to cover textbooks. Doing so shows off the student’s fashion sense by displaying their favorite brands. It also keeps the student from having to replace the textbook at the end of year if it’s in bad condition and, most importantly, teaches a student the art of recycling.

Whether you choose to create unique add-ons or purchase them from the store, individuality is limitless.

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