Glitter Obsession

Glitter Obsession

By Monica High-Augburn
Beauty Expert & Beauty Blogger
Are you obsessed with GLITTER???? Well, honey, I AM! So here are four glitterfied products with glitter goodness!

Butter London has a gorgeous nail laqour called The Black Knight. It contains black, pink, blue and silver glitter. I am oh so loving this. $14

Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip gloss, I promise on everything I love this is my all-time favorite lip gloss. This gloss glides right over my lipstick perfectly and looks great even worn alone. $16

I love, love, love this polish called Rainbow in the S Kylie by Nicole by OPI. This pretty multi-glitter polish goes great over just about any color. $4

You will most defiantly get a nice shimmer with Hard Candy Eye Def Glitter Eye shadow. The amount of shimmer is insane but I love it!!! $6

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