Going boy crazy

Going boy crazy

By Cathy Green-Miner
Do you wake up thinking about boys or doodle boys’ names in your notebook? Are you ignoring your girlfriends because some boy has your undivided attention? Chances are, you are boy crazy!

Girls usually begin noticing changes in their physical development and temperament as early as 9 years old, and rest assured, there will be raging hormones, attitudes, pouting faces, crying at will, crossed arms and boy craziness. But don’t worry. These are indicators of normal development.

So take your time and make a good choice. Look for a guy who is a good listener, a gentleman, has a sense of humor, is respectful of who you are and what you believe in. Be sure he respects himself, is kind, patient and likes to have fun. Also, he should have the resources to take you out on a date — you know transportation, money, time, etc.

However, finding a guy who has cool qualities is not enough. You have to possess the same qualities! Each person has to bring something positive to the table for the relationship to work because one person cannot carry the relationship.

Dating should be a fun, life-learning experience. Just remember that when it’s no longer fun, it’s time to bounce. There is nothing wrong with being boy crazy as long as you have not damaged some very important relationships – such as with your parents, your best friends or your siblings. While these boys will come and go, your family, close friends and siblings will remain.