Guidelines for Socialgrlz TXTBook

Guidelines for Socialgrlz TXTBook

SOCIALgrlz LLC is devoted to promoting and empowering young women. The mobile application will speak to the needs of African-American girls through articles, interviews, and a specially-designed book called the SOCIALgrlz TXTBook. With this textbook, girls will have an opportunity to use their voices through text messages to help craft the story. The SOCIALgrlz TXTBook will cover six specific topics – Lifestyle and Culture, Health and Wellness, Finance, Education, Leadership and Building Relationships.

Yours is a unique voice. We want you to provide must-see and must-do information from a girl’s perspective. So here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Stay within the topic’s focus.
  • Be creative and interesting in conveying your opinion.
  •  If using attribution to substantiate your points, cite the source
  • Use spell check – even the best spellers need to take advantage of this fantastic aid.
  • And last but not least, profanity is not allowed in submissions.

Submission Procedure
Submissions must include age and zipcode.
What Happens Next
The SOCIALgrlz Editorial Team reviews each submission.  Once the piece goes through the editing phase, the editorial team will publish the piece via website and/or textbook. SOCIALgrlz LLC reserves the right to make final edits for length, accuracy and style on any piece it publishes.

All published pieces should reflect SOCIALgrlz’s commitment to encouraging and uplifting young women. The editors of SOCIALgrlz LLC reserve the right not to publish submissions that conflict with our mission and vision statements.