Going High-tech: Gaming Counsoles  "Happy Medium" for fitness

Going High-tech: Gaming Counsoles “Happy Medium” for fitness

By Natalie Jordan
Who says fitness has to be painful, or something you dread doing? If looking for something fun, or just wanting to start a new regiment for getting fit, gaming consoles seem to have become the happy medium.

Some consoles promote physical activity, such as the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect, and using interactive gaming equipment is a valid option to staying fit. For example, games like “Just Dance 4” supply users with a good amount of exercise. Not only can you play alone, but there are also multiple player modes and dances made to help you lose weight.

“When you’re done playing, you’re sweating,” said a fitness expert.

As gaming consoles become more popular in households and among teens, they are a great place to start. With workout options including yoga, martial arts, dance and more, there are hundreds of different kinds of exercises one could choose.

For now, what’s hot – other than Zumba – are dance games, which have been selling like hot cakes since the rise of the Xbox Kinect and Wii. These games allow friends to get together and dance their butts off to a soundtrack that includes more than 40 new tracks, from high-energy 70s disco to reggaeton.

Gaming consoles have made a way to have fun and fitness in one handy package!