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Sister’s Keeper!

Well the Add Your 2 Cents 4 SOCIALgrlz Campaign is moving!

The SOCIALgrlz Team and I are so excited for all the support! So many people have reached out to us asking how they can help. The goal is to raise enough funding for the development of the mobile application so girls who look like me and have similar backgrounds can have positive articles and images to view on their cellphones and tablets.

My beloved Bennett College Communications Department decided to step in to help a Sistah out! They created a WAR ROOM to tweet and do some virtual campaigning for SOCIALgrlz. After all, the idea did come from those walls! These bright and talented sisters came together and helped spread the word. Now, that is a SISTER’S KEEPER!

This is the entire goal of SOCIALgrlz to support each other, become a resource and do all things with integrity! The spirit of this campaign is unbelievable and everyone’s 2 cents is needed to truly make an impact.

Again, I am humbled by your presence in this process of changing the face and stories surrounding African-American girls!

Thanks for being a Sister’s Keeper.

If you are interested in creating your own WAR ROOM for SOCIALgrlz, please email

Until the next time!