Odessa’s Wisdom

Listen, Listen….

Odessa’s Wisdom is a fun and insightful section of the SOCIALgrlz LLC website filled with powerful words from the WISE. In order to know where we are going, we need to learn about our past, honor our ancestors and respect our elders. I thought it would be extremely exciting to see, read and watch videos of Women who have great insight on life. Odessa’s Wisdom is named after my “WITTY” Granny, Odessa K. McClary, a woman before her time, journalist, mother and activist. Before she departed, I told her I was developing a website and mobile application. Her response was classic: “Things sure have changed; I voted for the first Black president (President Barack Obama), and back in the day an application was something you filled out when you applied for a job, not some gadget or device on your phone.” In those very words, I realized that Odessa, my grandmother, was telling me to listen, listen. That is what I will continue to do.

Marissa M. Jennings


Now a note from Dr. Peggy Bertram
Hello SOCIALgrlz!
Some of you may be preparing to consider a college to attend, and I want to offer some words of wisdom for your college search. Now it is alright if you do not yet know what your major area of study will be, but if you have an idea of what you might like to do, here are a few things to consider:

⇒sophomores and juniors, this is the time to seriously start the college search. Set out as if you are researching a very important part of your life because you are. Do your homework and keep the responses from colleges organized. Identify the top five and exclude the rest.

⇒the process of selecting a college can be long and laborious, so start early and try to visit as many colleges as possible. If you are clear on your career path, try to talk to faculty at a college to get an idea of what is available to you and how it fits what you want.

⇒talk to your parents about the costs of the colleges you are considering, and make sure you are in sync on the key issues such as costs to them, costs to you, location, scholarship availability and school loans.

⇒visiting colleges can be expensive so put a few dollars aside to do this important activity. If you love a particular sport like mountain climbing, snow boarding or skiing, make sure you choose an area where you can have this entertainment. Also, make sure the college is located where you would want to live for four years.

Remember that parents do not have an obligation to mortgage their home to send you to college, so identify colleges that you can afford and pay for with a combination of funding, i.e, gifts, scholarships, work and government loans if needed. You will have plenty of time to repay any loans.

Happy College Hunting SOCIALglrz!