Pretty Girls Sweat! – Running best way to stay fit

It’s easy to become lazy about fitness. A pile up of schoolwork, a few sports or club engagements and a busy social calendar will all conspire to keep you moving at a snail’s pace and grazing on whatever food you can find.The only way to shake yourself free of these chains is to commit to a newer, fitter you, and the only way to achieve this goal is with, of course, a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

Work Up A Sweat!

Running is an amazing way to stay fit by not only providing a good cardiovascular workout but also a great calorie-burning regime. In 2009, Black Girls RUN! was created in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners. The mission of Black Girls RUN! is to encourage African-American women to make fitness and healthy living a priority.

If you’re ready to join the movement, here are some simple tips to start your running journey:
Make a Schedule – Planning what days and times for the week is the first step in committing to a run. Decide if days or evenings work better for you and what time is feasible with your work and home life.
Map out Your Run – Having a destination from point A to point B gives you something to strive for and when you’ve arrived at your finish line. It intensifies your desire to accomplish your goal.
Run With Friends – Whether you run with one person or a group, it’s always a good thing to have another source of inspiration.
Motivate with Music – Put in your head phones and blast some beats that will keep your feet moving and make the time go by faster.
Journal – Write down your running accomplishments and future goals to keep you on your journey.

There are no shortcuts to getting fit, and in fact it will take working up a sweat at least three times per week for you to feel healthier and notice an increase in your energy levels and enthusiasm, and possibly a decrease in your weight and waistline. While the habit of eating and exercising regularly will become like second nature, it is important to pay attention to your lifestyle to make sure that you don’t slide back into old habits. Get fit, have fun and be well.

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