Privacy Policy Privacy Policy invites girls ages 13 to 17 to use and participate on its website. respects and protects your privacy and it’s important for you to understand what information we collect about you and what we will do with that information. If you are under 13 years of age, we will ask for your parent’s permission for you to participate in some parts of our website and some activities.
Contributing to a Story, Commenting on a Post, or Participating in the Chat Room. In order to just visit the website, you do not need to provide us any personal information. BUT, if you want to contribute to a story, comment on a post, or participate in the Chat Room, we will ask you to give us your first name and the first letter of your last name and your zip code. We will use your name to identify your contribution on the website, so you should not tell us your full last name. Your posts and comments are viewable by visitors to the site and via public search engines. We will use your zip code to develop articles that target your interests and we will provide your zip code only to potential advertisers. The zip code will not be associated with your name or any other personally identifiable information.
Because your contributions, comments and Chat Room messages are viewable by visitors to the site and via public search engines, you should never post any personal information that would allow someone to figure out who you are and where you live, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, parent’s name or school name. The website and the Chat Room will be monitored by and if we see a post that provides personally identifiable information, we will delete it. If you continue to post this kind of information or ask others to do so, we may block you from using the site.
Signing up for the E-Newsletter.
If you want to sign up for our e-newsletter, we will ask for your email address, phone number, age, gender, hobbies, your parent’s or guardian’s email address and name. If you are 11 or 12 years old, you will need to have a parent or guardian approve your request to participate and receive the newsletter.
The only use we make of this personal information collected from children without prior parental consent is to respond one time to a question or request for information from a child or to contact a child’s parent or guardian for the purpose of obtaining consent for further collection and use of the child’s personal information. Without prior parental consent, we do not otherwise make use of personal information collected from children, nor do we provide it to third parties. We use the provided parent’s or guardian’s email address in order to send an email notifying the recipient that his or her child would like to sign up for the enewsletter. We do not use the parent’s or guardian’s email address for marketing purposes or share them with third parties except in accordance with this policy.
Other Ways We Use Your Information
Sometimes may have a survey, or reader panel, where we ask for your input. We may use what you write together with your first name, but we will not use any other personally identifiable information. When you contribute to a book, we may use the words you write, or combine them with other people’s entries, in a book or e-publication or other marketing or advertising. We may use your first name and last initial together with your contribution, but will never use any other personally identifiable information with your contribution. If we share, sell or use your contribution with a third party, we will provide any personally identifiable information with your contribution to that third party. U.S. federal law prohibits us from requiring kids to give any more personal information than is necessary to participate in a given activity.
Links to Third Party Sites.
On our website, you can click to “like” our page through Facebook, share a post with your Facebook account, or comment on a post on your Facebook account. There may be other similar third party sites which link to our site. When you click on links from to other sites, we may open the other sites in a new browser window. We make every effort to link to appropriate outside sites for kids. But our Privacy Policy does not apply to these other websites, even if you find a link to them on our site. If you use these functions through your accounts with these third party sites, it is their terms of use and privacy policy that applies, so you should be careful to read their policies, which may be different from ours. For example, Facebook does not allow you to use their site if you are under 13 years of age.
Cookies, Log Data and Third-Party Advertisements
We do not collect cookies, geographic location or other hidden tracking of information when you use the website. If you click on links from to other sites, such as to Amazon or Kindle to buy an e-book, or to another third party site to buy a t-shirt, we will open the link in a new browser window. Our policies do not apply to these sites, and you should read their policies carefully.
We may share aggregated information with third parties (such as third-party sponsors) to help us develop content and services we hope you will find of interest. This aggregated information cannot be used to identify you personally. We are not using any tracking technology to specifically target (or remarket) to kids on or off our sites.
For any personal information that we collect from children, parents and guardians may request information on the type of data being collected, view their child’s information, and, if they choose, prohibit us from making further use of their child’s information. We will not provide personal information collected from children to third parties except when we believe that doing so is required by law, may be necessary to protect a person’s property, rights, or safety, or to investigate a potential violation of law, or in the event of a corporate transaction, such as a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy policy—or to review, change, or modify personal information collected previously—please contact SocialGrlz, LLC at P.O. Box 29035, Washington, D.C. 20001. You may also email us at
Due to the changing nature of the Internet, this policy may be changed at any time at SocialGrlz’s discretion.
This policy was last updated on November 27, 2012.