Beauty Bound – Q&A with Shannan Cieara

Beauty Bound – Q&A with Shannan Cieara

By SGZ Staff
“My style is bipolar. My way of thinking is unusual. I’m weird and I love it. I’m loyal; I’m a lover and a nurturer. I’m a brand.” – Shannan Cieara
There are many words that could define Shannan Cieara – mother, daughter, sister and friend. But the word that defines her best is entrepreneur. A native Washingtonian, Shannan has always had an eclectic style and has done what felt natural. And this time, what felt natural was building a brand – a nail care line called est.83 Nail Lacquer. Shannan was inspired to create est.83 by the simple phrase “I bet you can make your own,” after spending yet another eight dollars on a bottle of Essie Nail Polish. That simple phrase touted by her boyfriend, sparked an interest in her to find out how to do it herself.
Est. 83, which launched October 2012, aims to be an affordable, good quality nail lacquer brand, which also educates its consumer about proper nail care that other nail companies do not.
Setting goals for longevity, Shannan said she can see herself and her business being well known among the top nail lacquer companies. “I see the expansion from est.83 Nail Lacquer to est.83 Beauty Accessories.”

Question: Do you consider yourself successful? Why?
Answer: No, I do not consider myself successful. I’m pursuing success. I haven’t quite reached it yet. Once my brand is at the level of OPI, Revlon and Maybelline, then I will say that I am successful.

Q: Did you imagine yourself having your own business and what goals have you set to increase its longevity?
A: I’ve always seen myself being a business owner. And I’ve set goals that will allow me to expand into a full cosmetic brand.

Q: If you could change anything, what would it be and why? Or would you change anything at all?
A: I would not change a thing. Everything I’ve done and experienced has made me the WOMAN I am today.

Q: If there was one piece of advice to give, what would you say to the average black girl?
A: I would say respect yourself at ALL times, and carry yourself as a lady on the highest level. If you do that the world has no other choice but to do the same.

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