Prom Trends 2013: Finding the Perfect Dress

Prom Trends 2013: Finding the Perfect Dress

By SGZ Staff
Prom is one of the most important social events in a teenage girl’s life, and every young girl wants to have the hottest prom dress of the evening.
We know you’ve already started scouring magazines and shopping sites for the most flattering trends. So from high-low skirts to sequin-accented bodices, here are some of the up-to-the-minute styles that are must-haves.

Let’s start with chiffon. The International Prom Association (IPA) says the elegant, yet almost floating appearance of chiffon brings formal prom dresses to life. Try a high-low or chiffon illusion skirt, either of which will work because both are on trend.

Lace also has made its way to the prom scene this year. According to IPA, major prom designers have added lace to their collections. From dresses that are all lace to those with just scattered lace, the dainty fabric can change an ordinary dress into that show-stopping look you might be searching for. Seventeen magazine says for a softer feminine vibe, find a dress that’s all one color, such as light blush. But if you are going for a more dramatic look, choose a dress with contrasting lace and fabric colors.

The sparkle of sequins and hand-beaded styles set the standard for chic sophistication. From short flapper styles to full-length gowns, the use of hand-beaded fabrics and sequined bodices will allow you to make a fabulous entrance. However, don’t go overboard with these embellishments. While fun, minimal sparkle (concentrated on either the top half or the bottom half) assures the dress won’t steal the show. We want your date and your friends to look at you, too.

Some other trends to keep in mind are ruffles, peplum which creates a pretty hourglass shape and ombre – a perfect way to play with color without the crazy prints.
Keep these trends in mind while shopping and you’ll find the perfect dress for prom.

Photo courtesy of Sherri Hill Evening Runway Show